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The Life and Times of an Atypical Teenager

We Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Be Ourselves.

It seems obvious, right? Why should anyone hide who they really are, or what they like? Why do you have to justify your interests to other people? Why does it seem like having certain interests makes you "lame" or "stupid"?... Continue Reading →

I Failed: My First Driving Test

Yup, that's right. I failed. And I'm okay with it. Failing is okay. BESIDES I NAILED PARALLEL PARKING AND THE K-TURNS AND THE BACKING UP STRAIGHT STUFF. Here's what I did wrong: turns. Turns. Turns. Turns. I cut corners, I... Continue Reading →

Thirteenth Driving Lesson: The Day Before D-Day

So yesterday was the day before my driving test, and I took one last spin around my town in hopes of practicing what I knew. It went alright, I think. I mean, it took me about 6 tries to parallel... Continue Reading →

My Twelfth Driving Lesson: Time to Bring in the Professionals

I finally got actual lessons from an actually qualified instructor. They were two hours long and I got to use their fancy car and it was great. I basically did exactly what I usually do, which is drive around my... Continue Reading →

That Time I Donated Blood and Almost Fainted.

You know, rules exist for a reason. I mean the argument that rules are meant to be broken is valid in some cases, and sometimes rules are excessive, but ultimately I think most rules are intended for the best interest... Continue Reading →

I Think I Need a Break From K-Pop.

It's painful, truly, for me to say this. I love K-Pop, really I do. It's catchy and upbeat and the concepts are infinitely better than anything a Western artist has ever come up with. But it's getting too much... There... Continue Reading →

The Reset Button.

I think one piece of advice that continually seems to be spewed at us, no matter what stage of life we find ourselves in, is to keep moving forward.  Don't dwell on the past. Live in the present. Accept yourself. All... Continue Reading →

A Short Rant from a non-Genius

Everyone, prepare your eyes. I'm about to mini-rant. It'll be short and sweet, don't worry. I just had like 1.5 things to say. Now today, I was supposed to go to a whole slew of college admission receptions that I... Continue Reading →

College Decisions: An Impasse that isn’t really an Impasse // Advice?

I'm a list-maker. It's in my nature. I make lists for what homework I need to do, what topics I need to study for the next econ test, and even for what TV shows I got half-way through before giving... Continue Reading →

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