July 2017: A Playlist

Well here we are... It's July. 7/12 months in 2017 over. New month, new adventures, new music, and of course that means a new Spotify playlist. Full disclosure, I'm going to be going to India in like two days for most of the month, where I won't even be able to listen to this music... Continue Reading →

I Think My Personality Changed.

Somewhere between filling out college applications and dealing with everything else going on, my personality changed. I took the Big 5 Personality test, kind of because I was bored and kind of because I was curious, and these were my results: ...not exactly what I was expecting. So open-minded: yah that I knew. Conscientious: was a... Continue Reading →

Orientation is Tomorrow.

Okay, so it's technically today as I'm writing this past midnight, but you get the idea. I have orientation tomorrow, and for the first time in a long time, I'm nervous about making friends. I'm a really social person, or at least I can be. But I'm also a total introvert sometimes, and as the... Continue Reading →

June 2017: A Playlist

I've been waiting to do this post because I didn't really think it felt like June yet. For me, June always meant being super busy with subject SATs and finals, celebrating the start of summer, and more often than not leaving school early for some huge summer plan. This month has been, well, a little different. I... Continue Reading →

Get to Know Me Tag

I don't know where I found this, and I assume most of you know me a little bit, but this looked fun and I liked tags so who cares? Are you named after anyone? Nope When was the last time you cried? Today maybe? I have a fever, and I tend to have watery, hot eyes when... Continue Reading →

My Birthday: A Short List of Events

Here's what happened on my eighteenth birthday (at least, this is what I remember happening): Woke up sporadically until about 4-5 am, when I actually woke up and finished my English essay. Attempted and failed to straighten my hair. Realized I would be late for school and begged mother for a ride Hastily did my... Continue Reading →

Dear White People: An Incomprehensive Review

The other day, I watched the entirely of Dear White People on Netflix (10 episodes, about 20 minutes each). Long story short, it follows a group of African-American characters at this fake-Ivy league school and talks about how there is still discrimination and stigma in society. It was... enlightening. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not... Continue Reading →

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