The Dead Period: What Happened

So a lot of stuff happened in the three months or so that I didn’t blog (which I am and will catch up on), but instead of trying to do “BACK IN TIME” posts, I’m just gonna list some of it with like a one sentence anecdote:

  1. My prom
    • Pre-Prom
      • I was late
    • Prom
      • The music sucked but the people didn’t.
    • Post Prom
      • We went to iPlay America and the mall, so we were basically children again for a day.
  2. The Other Prom
    • Pre-Prom
      • I was early because Rachel tricked me
    • Prom
      • So much bigger, so much easier to get lost in the sea of people; also Derek was the life of prom honestly
  3. School Trips
    • On Your Feet
      • Went to See Gloria Estefan’s Broadway play. It was fantastic, highly recommend.
    • Senior Trip
      • NYC: Madame Tussaud’s, Dave  & Buster’s where I got TWO HUGE STUFFED ANIMALS FROM THE GIANT CRANE MACHINE, a really wet Ellis Island cruise, and dinner overlooking the river
      • Fun, but I had an A+P test the next day and was so so so SICK
    • Rutgers Excellence Thingie
      • We went to an awards ceremony (I GOT AN AWARD YAY IM PROUD OF ME), then this random sports bar and then the mall where I bought the cutest purse (vain, I know) before going off to mentoring and then awards night (where I somehow conned them into giving me more awards).
    • Mentor Luncheon 
  4.  Family
    • Family came to visit from India and from California, so we went to:
      • Luray Caverns in VA
      • Edison because we’re brown
      • Washington D.C. ft. the Memorial Day Parade
      • A dead Atlantic City
      • Many a temple
      • Ditched senior ditch day for D.C. but that’s okay
  5. Finals
    • So many final projects (ex. Macbeth DANCE project)
    • A lot of finals really spaced out so it wasn’t that bad
    • AP testing combined with Capstone killed me though
  6. Capstone
    • Honestly, it took so much time these past few months but so worth it.
  7. Graduation
    • I graduated.
    • And subsequently went to many graduation parties.
    • yup. that’s all.


Hopefully I’m less lazy next time?



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