My First Week of Summer: A Bulleted Summary

Yah, I know. It’s like July. Why is my first week of summer so late?


The long and short of it is that we don’t understand the concept of needing snow days and inevitably need them, resulting in my school not letting out until June 27th.

It’s tragic, really.

Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to:


  • Attended a really long doctor’s conference with the sole purpose of seeing Shreya Goshal ft. lots of administrative drama and Baba Ramdev telling us to get rid of myopia by putting lemon juice, onion juice, and honey in our eyes
  • Shreya Goshal slaying the game with her singing (ft. me front row)
  • Eating a lot of food
  • Drinking like 5 cups of their complementary coffee



  • Drove back from Atlantic City ft. the parental units
  • Decorated my graduation cap ft. Aishwarya
  • Watched TVD and ate pizza and played with Aishu’s new cappuccino maker
  • Went to Walmart with Aishu and lived to tell the tale
  • Attended Aishu’s grad party a day late



  • Went to the 2nd to last day of school
  • A lot of yearbook signing
  • Senior breakfast ft. an amazing video that my friend Mahwish made for our class, BELGIAN WAFFLES WITH ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE SYRUP (I requested, they delivered), and a few tears
  • Graduation practice, where I learned that we don’t know how to follow directions or walk properly
  • Planning to go bowling with Emily, Rachel, and Natasha to celebrate the last time we can all hang out before Natasha leaves us for Texas and instead buying weird Dominos pizza, hanging out at a random park, and getting Carvel



  • Last day of school
  • Lots of yearbook signing (frantic edition)
  • The Clap Out (where I cried at the concept but not during the actual event)
  • Graduation ft. Emily and Natasha
    • Speaking of which, I started crying when I got an award (well it was my second one of the night but I didn’t know about it) for school service and it was named after my vice principal (basically one of my favorite humans in the world). I even managed to make my principal cry, which is a feat in itself.
    • I also took hella nice pictures (see Instagram for evidence)
  • Getting Chipotle with Natasha and my fam



  • Sleeping in for once
  • Actually going bowling with PRAWNS and Aishu (sans Nivi but plus Ruchi’s sister and Wamia’s brother)
  • Having Indian food with said friends
  • almost but not actually dying in a slightly empty creepy parking lot because my friends are privileged and paranoid



  • Slept in more
  • Decided that almond milk isn’t worth the hype
  • Went to Natasha’s empty apartment and hung out with her, Sunanda, and Liz because it was her last day
  • Went to a ballet workshop for dance and learned that I suck at (and need to practice) leaping
  • Skyped Derek and talked about KPOP for like hours



  • Went to Gosia’s graduation party
    • That was a thing, wasn’t it?
  • Spilled my life secrets to Aishu because why not
  • Said goodbye to Ashley because she left forever too 😦



  • Watched Dayashree SLAY at her arengatrum ft. Famnesty
  • Listened to Atul explain the complexities of the caste system and the origin of Indian last names to my parents


  • Abandoned all developed plans to clean my room
  • Ended up cleaning out all of my stuff that I’ve ever owned since like 3rd grade
  • Watched a lot of TVD


So yah, that’s been me for the past few days. Now I’m dealing with all the boring admin stuff I have to do before I go to India like packing and getting supplies and such.

All in all, I think I’m off to a good start.



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