July 2017: A Playlist

Well here we are… It’s July. 7/12 months in 2017 over. New month, new adventures, new music, and of course that means a new Spotify playlist.

Full disclosure, I’m going to be going to India in like two days for most of the month, where I won’t even be able to listen to this music unless I a) have great wifi and b) have time to kill.

But thankfully, in the last week of June, I reconnected with my KPOP soul (aka fell in love with Mamamoo’s new single) and had enough new music to create a playlist for this month.

And yes, this is like 99% KPOP… sue me.

I’ve obviously fallen into the girl band KPOP hole, something that I didn’t really think would happen. I’m even ignoring BTS’s new Bon Voyage episodes in favor of watching my girls come back (to be fair, I’m mostly ignoring that price tag that comes with those episodes tbh).

Some favorite’s this month are definitely Yes I Am, Whatta Man (good man), and Night Rather Than Day.

Hopefully next month I’ll listen to something in a language I can actually understand?



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