Orientation is Tomorrow.

Okay, so it’s technically today as I’m writing this past midnight, but you get the idea.

I have orientation tomorrow, and for the first time in a long time, I’m nervous about making friends.

I’m a really social person, or at least I can be. But I’m also a total introvert sometimes, and as the years have progressed, I’ve gotten better at being a fake extrovert.

I’m not really worried about my classes or anything because I’m pretty sure I know what I want to take. I’m more worried that I’ll forget how to talk to new people.

Sure, every summer for the past few summers I’ve been in situations where I meet completely new people, but this is different. Then, I knew I was surrounded by people like me — I found a home in the kids who had existential crises and liked going on adventures between days crammed with studying and learning. I can deal with those people. I like those people. I kind of basically am those people.

But now, I’m gonna be in uncharted waters. See, I don’t exactly go to a normal high school. Everyone’s kind of similar in the sense that they all have these lofty educational goals coupled with immigrant parents, netflix obsessions, and fierce opinions on everything.

After being in that environment for four years, I’m not sure my social skills are quite up to par.

And yah, maybe a tiny part of me is wondering how often I make jokes about things related to Indian culture and if I’m gonna be out of material because all my other jokes are a bit dull in comparison, but I’m totally down for diversity and new experiences.

So let’s see how this goes (and let’s ignore that stats final on friday that I haven’t studied for, shall we?)



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