I Think My Personality Changed.

Somewhere between filling out college applications and dealing with everything else going on, my personality changed.

I took the Big 5 Personality test, kind of because I was bored and kind of because I was curious, and these were my results:

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 12.38.58 AM.png…not exactly what I was expecting.

So open-minded: yah that I knew.

Conscientious: was a toss-up because I used to be super organized and I’m going through a phase of disorganization right now but I promise EVERY PILE HAS MEANING OKAY

Extraversion: also surprising considering I’m using always on the border line for extrovert/introvert. Really, it’s a trick question because I can be a bit of both if I want.

Agreeableness: See this is where I was like whatttttt. I mean, I don’t necessarily think I’m a generally rude person, but I’m definitely rude when I’m stressed and I definitely am a judgemental person (yah, I can admit that). But I just didn’t think I was SO disagreeable. Maybe I was just feeling particularly critical when I took it or something….

Negative Emotionality: Okay, similar to agreeableness I can admit I’m an anxious person. But I really don’t think I’m as anxious as this thing claims I am.

Then again, a healthy dose of introspection might just prove that this random test is completely right and I’ve turned into a messy, disagreeable worrywart without even noticing…

I’m gonna choose to take this as a sign to like clean my room and be nicer to mis amigos when I’m stressed.

(Speaking of, any people who actually know me, please don’t be annoyed at me for being a little stuck in my own head when I’m stressed…It’s reflex I swear).



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