What I’m Watching Right Now: The Vampire Diaries

(okay, I’m about to fangirl. You’ve been warned.)

I told myself for about 6 years that I wouldn’t watch this show. Really, I did.

I watched my friends go through phases where they were obsessed with it, listened to them debate Stefan vs. Damon as if it was the new Edward vs. Jacob, and generally just knew so much about the show that I thought it would be another version of Twilight.

It’s better, actually (at least for now).

I, like many a 2010 tweenager, had a vampire phase. I wanted to be Alice Cullen, I read all the books, and I get it. But that was 8 years ago, and I’m a changed woman. Okay, maybe I haven’t changed that much, but I haven’t really been into the whole vampire thing in a while.

The Vampire Diaries is surprisingly good. It took me about 7 episodes to get into it, and I really only watched because my friends forced me to keep going after I declared that I disliked it immensely during episode 3. But it gets better with time and as the plots get deeper and more complex. Elena (the main character) isn’t really into the whole eternal-life-to-be-with-my-boyfriend kind of deal (at least not where I am in the series), and I appreciate that in a character. I also appreciate the character growth that everyone has, especially Damon who changes from the villain to this struggling sort-of-hero. ALSO HE’S SO FUNNY AND HIS ACTING IS SO WELL DONE I CAN’T.

Basically, I’m into it, and I’ve watched two seasons in about a week, which means that I really like it. I’m not sure if I’ll watch till the end just because I’m going to start getting busy again soon, but for now, I’m enjoying it.

It’s not a 10/10 would recommend, but definitely at least an 8/10. I see the appeal, and I know that if I start watching it while it was still on air, I would have been just as obsessed as all of my friends were.



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