My Birthday: A Short List of Events

Here’s what happened on my eighteenth birthday (at least, this is what I remember happening):

  1. Woke up sporadically until about 4-5 am, when I actually woke up and finished my English essay.
  2. Attempted and failed to straighten my hair.
  3. Realized I would be late for school and begged mother for a ride
  4. Hastily did my makeup (but from far away it looked great)
  5. Ate pancakes with nutella¬†because it’s a household tradition to have pancakes before important days and tests
  6. Got to school five minutes before class started
  7. Ran around in formal presentation attire (dress, heels, the works) trying to deliver forms and things that needed to be done
  8. Gave my guidance counselor a first listen at my speech (more on this later)
  9. Didn’t have time to appreciate the locker my friends very nicely decorated for me and instead rushed past it to get to nutrition
  10. did nothing of importance in nutrition except talk to my friend Nivedita and watch as they flipped through powerpoint slides
  11. Received 50 munchkins, an iced caramel latte, a chocolate bar, and an external hard drive from Nivedita and Aishwarya (true friends they are)
  12. Did nothing except practice my speech and gorge myself in food and listen to people say happy birthday to me
  13. Went on a bus to another school where we were having our mentoring lunch
  14. Semi-freaked out (so glad I didn’t let my mom come to this let me tell you) and then said my speech to like 200 people
  15. Was told that the speech was fast by my principal and great by my teacher and my friends (also I apparently called someone out… oops? I also name dropped… oops?)
  16. Ate whatever food I could eat
  17. Gorged myself on desserts
  18. Took many a selfie
  19. Went back on said bus and came back to school, where I was sung “happy birthday” to at least three times)
  20. Spent the rest of the day talking about makeup and random unimportant things
  21. Went to a cute bakery with Ashley and ate said bakery food at this cute park while Ashley told me about the psychic reading that she went to the day before
  22. Went to my mentorship at a physical therapy office for like four hours and learned lots of things
  23. Came home and found Natasha strangely coming into my house and my neighbors talking to me about college and ish
  24. Come into my house and then my friend Emily appears and then so do my neighbor’s kids and I’m like oh this is a surprise party
  25. We were supposed to get pizza and then didn’t, my neighbors tell me about their fascinating lives, we talk about prom, we eat cake, everyone basically leaves after a few hours because school night
  26. Natasha and I facetime my friend Atul, who helps motivate me to finish this app thing I was supposed to do. I also facetime my friends Wamia and Simran at some point but that was like for five minutes a piece.
  27. I spend the rest of the night (as in like 11:30 pm to 6 am) studying for all the tests I have the next day.


Birthday like? Not necessarily.

Also, can I just say how thankful I am to have like this variety of friends that all did such nice things for me?

But hey, I’m 18 now. Yay for legal adulthood and the crippling responsibilities that come with it.


(P.S. can you tell how little sleep I get or nah?)


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