Well I’m Sick…Again.

I don’t know what’s been going on this year, but I’ve gotten sick at least 3 or 4 times. Which is abnormal and slightly worrying.

And it’s just not me either: just about everyone I know is sick, all of the time. Whether it’s a persistent cough or a fever that you can’t sweat out (any P!ATD fans?), we’re all terribly sick or have the worst allergies I’ve ever heard of in my life.

Am I exaggerating? Maybe.
Am I still sitting in bed after two days trying to get better? Absolutely.

(anecdote: I went to school and everything for like two hours but after running the mile in gym class, I was so sick that they were like dude you gotta go home… AND I DIDN’T EVEN BEAT MY TIME)

Here’s a small list of everything I’ve done to pass the time until I get better:

  1. Watched all of the CW’s Riverdale  (highly recommend… Cole Sprouse’s acting is surprisingly amazing)
  2. Consumed copious amounts of Panera Bread
  3. Tried and failed to watch Sherlock
  4. Fell asleep multiple times only to wake up a few minutes or hours later because random people keep calling me
  5. Contemplated how many blog posts I have to make up to get the blog back on track (it’s a lot… I’ll get to it.)
  6. Combed through all the BTS post-BBMA press interviews because why not
  7. Stared wistfully at the books on my bookshelf because I’m secretly afraid that it’s been so long since I read a YA novel that wasn’t from the internet that I won’t like them anymore
  8. Obsessively checked my temperature
  9. Conducted a highly scientific study on how best to arrange my blanket so that I can be as warm as possible
  10. Ignored any and all responsibilities

Well anyway, fingers crossed I get better before Thursday (it’s our senior trip and I can’t miss that).




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