We Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Be Ourselves.

It seems obvious, right? Why should anyone hide who they really are, or what they like? Why do you have to justify your interests to other people? Why does it seem like having certain interests makes you “lame” or “stupid”?

If everyone just stopped for a moment and decided to be themselves, I feel like we could solve a lot of problems.

Life, of course, isn’t that simple, unfortunately.

But let me give you a tiny anecdote:

Every day in gym, we have these huge speakers. And every day, we let one of the guys put on his rap-filled bass-pumping playlist full of songs about degrading women and sex and drugs and money (nicely offset by old time Bollywood songs). And it’s terrible sometimes, really. Their music taste is barely like mine, and a lot of my friend group only likes the music when they play songs that are Bollywood or like songs from 2008 because the rest is rapping that is so mumbled we can’t understand it.

That’s not to say we don’t like rapping; it’s just to say that music taste is subjective.

So today, this girl decides enough is enough and puts on a KPOP playlist filled with EXO, BTS, Infinite, and Got7.

I haven’t enjoyed gym class that much in a while. Sure, my kickball team was defeated mercilessly and I got out at least 5 times, but I was dancing the point choreography to ‘Dope’ and singing along to ‘Love Me Right’ and dramatically mouthing the word to ‘The Eye’.

I had fun, and I didn’t care that I was one of the only people in the room that knew the songs that were playing or that the rap-obsessed guys saw me doing the “mani mani” part of ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ or that the fact that I liked KPOP (a lot) was out and present for all the world to see.

The music was great, it was pumping us up as we were playing, and I was, for a moment, in my element.

I guess the moral of the story is that you shouldn’t be ashamed of what you like. I shouldn’t be ashamed to ask if I can play a playlist of my favorite songs (even if they are KPOP) and you shouldn’t ever feel like you have to conform or act a certain way. You are uniquely you, and that is never something to be ashamed of.

So show the world (if it helps, I think we’re all pretty great).



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