Thirteenth Driving Lesson: The Day Before D-Day

So yesterday was the day before my driving test, and I took one last spin around my town in hopes of practicing what I knew.

It went alright, I think. I mean, it took me about 6 tries to parallel park the first time but then I pretty much got it right every single time. After that, a lot of cars showed up where I was practicing so I couldn’t do much more than practicing K-Turns and parallel parking and backing up.

The drive back, however, was a different story.

I was driving with my dad, and I think he’s convinced that I’m a really careless driver// he was slightly fearing for his life. The only issue was that by trying to turn my wheel and freaking out when I was remotely near other cars, I kept getting nervous and making mistakes.

Which made is seem like I was a reckless driver.

It’s a vicious cycle, you see. Eventually, I’m sure my parents will get in the car with me and not freak out when I go within 10 miles of the speed limit… they just need time (and maybe I need practice).



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