My Twelfth Driving Lesson: Time to Bring in the Professionals

I finally got actual lessons from an actually qualified instructor. They were two hours long and I got to use their fancy car and it was great.

I basically did exactly what I usually do, which is drive around my town and my high school, but I got to learn how to parallel park properly and things like that.

It was really nice, because it gave me a lot more confidence in my driving ability, although the price was hella steep.

I would go into detail about how I can parallel park like a boss and can K-Turn like nobody’s business, but I’ll just write down the tricks they told me.

  1. Parallel Parking: Flag to the middle of the back window, turn both sides, right blinker back to the write until you’re like 1 foot from the curb, go all the way left and back and DON’T HIT THE CURB, and then go forward towards the right and straighten out.
  2. K Turns: blinkers blinkers blinkers…drive all the way left, then backward towards the right, and then turn left onto the road
  3. Stop at the stop sign for at least 3 seconds.
  4. When driving backwards, keep your hand on the center console and your other hand on the top of the steering wheel and keep going back AND TURN YOUR HEAD ALL THE WAY BACK…also don’t stop looking back until your car is completely stopped.

See, these tricks probably seem like common sense to most people, but I genuinely didn’t really know this stuff and I’m glad I did it.



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