May 2017: A Playlist

I was watching one of Monica Church’s Millenial Life Crisis vlogs (I highly recommend it; it’s very Casey Neistat-esque) and she said that she created playlists of every month from when she started her Spotify account till now. So if she was in a mood, she could go back to a particular month and listen to the music and be transported to that time in her life.

Suffice to say, I thought that was a smart idea and am going to start going it myself.

So, for the month of May, here is my Spotify May 2017 playlist:

It has a lot of KPOP (mostly KARD, techno type stuff and Suga-produced tracks) and a few American songs that I’ve been loving recently.

I was also studying for my AP Spanish exam at the beginning of this week and got addicted to some songs off of the Spotify Latino playlists, which made a cut to this month.

This month is a particularly busy one in my life, considering I have APs, my (failed) driving test, a whole lot of birthdays, and then lots of field trips and school events. OH AND PROM. LIKE I COULD FORGET ABOUT THAT ONE.

Anyways, I’ll probably be updating it throughout the month, but I figure this is a great idea that a lot of people might want to know about. Also, you guys might want to find some new songs to listen to (or maybe y’all are just nosy).

If you guys don’t like KPOP or Latino music, this may not be for you (but I highly recommend you give them a chance).

Personally, I’ve been loving ‘Boy’ by EXID and ‘Desde Esa Noche’ by Thalia and Maluma, as well as ‘Wine’ by Suran.



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