I Think I Need a Break From K-Pop.

It’s painful, truly, for me to say this.

I love K-Pop, really I do.

It’s catchy and upbeat and the concepts are infinitely better than anything a Western artist has ever come up with.

But it’s getting too much…

There are no comebacks right now, at least for any bands that I’m really interested in. BTS is off doing who knows what before the next leg of their tour, Got7 is in Australia (?), GFriend and Monsta X have been promoting for so long that they might as well not be promoting anymore, and every other band is AWOL.

So for the first time in six months, there’s no new music for me to consume.

There’s a lot of other things I could do, like finally watching EXO’s Showtime series or trying to get more in Seventeen or listening to Mamamoo’s whole discography, but I don’t really have time.

And as much as it saddens me to say it, I miss music in English. I miss understanding the lyrics without looking them up and hearing all the cacophony that is American artistry.

So, for now (and certainly this won’t last for more than like two weeks), I think I’m going to stop listening to KPOP and go back to my steadfast Ed Sheeran and Halsey-filled iTunes library (But that doesn’t mean I can’t watch videos of people listening to KPOP or casually stumble upon the newest Run! BTS episodes, right?)

Remember, too much of anything isn’t a good thing. Maybe a break is just what I need.


(This is a blog called fangirlingforgood, did you think no fangirling would be involved?)


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