My Immune System Sucks.

It’s not so bad in the sense that I don’t get sick often. Compared to other people, I’m only sick two or three times a year. Sure, I have headaches pretty often and pretty bad allergies to dust, but that’s not even that bad. But when I get sick, I get sick.

Like now.

If you weren’t aware, no one can get sick from being in cold weather. It’s the truth. If you walk about without a hat on in the snow or go outside in the rain without a jacket, you aren’t going to get sick, at least from the weather.

However, you can get more sick from the cold.

If there are pathogens in your body, and your body is fighting against them (whether you show the symptoms or not), going outside in the cold will make your immune system more susceptible to losing, and thus to you getting sick,

That’s exactly what happened to me, actually. I woke up with a sore throat, ran around in the rain, and went to school the next day wanting to keel over and throw up.

Instead, I went to class, used up a box of tissues, and chewed on cough drop after cough drop as I waited for the day to be over.

I had mentoring that day too, so I ended up interviewing a chiropractor with Ashley all the while feeling like my heart was being compressed and grabbed by an invisible hand that wanted me to feel like my diaphragm only existed to shove my lungs into my throat. Later, my mom told me that it’s called panicking.

I was also shaking, constantly. I didn’t feel cold or anything, just nauseous.

Upon reaching home, I basically turned into a feverish mess that is now stuck in bed all day instead of enjoying her Spring Break. I even missed two college admit days because I’ve been so sick.

So here I am, and here I will stay. So far, I’ve gotten through a few episodes of Thirteen Reasons Why, facetimed Ashley twice, and played about 10 games of the Plague, Inc. (a game where the user has to infect the world with a virus and wins by destroying humanity…fitting, right?).



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