Days I Want to Remember: The Talent Show

Thursday marked my high school’s annual Talent Show, a day filled with people singing like angels, dancing like Beyonce, and cheering for all of their friends. Our school’s pretty small, but we always manage to have a great turnout to Talent Show because the kids are seriously good.

And this talent show was particularly special, as we had three (yes THREE) promposals.

One was a scavenger hunt around the school with medically-related terms (kind of lame, but honestly that’s my school), another was this weird taco/Rutger’s related pun that my friend did for her college boyfriend (who goes to Rutgers), and the third, well, that’s the one I helped out with.

But first, let me explain what happened directly before the talent show.

The day was filled with a lot of loitering and little work (it’s second semester of senior year okay) including but not limited to: watching the Jungle Book instead of studying for AP English because it’s not like that’s in a month, listening to a biased egg documentary (did you know that brown eggs are the preferred eggs of New England states?), and sobbing because the War of Drugs put hundreds of thousands of POCs in jail for minor offenses.

As seniors, one of the main (and only) perks is that we get to drive to school. So, naturally, in the 20 minute time period between the end of school and the beginning of the talent show, my friend Nivi and I decided to go to Wendy’s. What we didn’t account for, however, was the rain.

It was pouring. We didn’t have an umbrella. We were holding food in cheap Wendy’s paper bags.

Did I mention I had a sore throat? And that I was wearing a dress with heels? And that there was lightning? Oh, oops, I forgot.

After getting enough food for basically our entire friend group, we ran into school so soaked that I had to wring out my hair and take off my jacket because it was dripping with water. I even put the food inside my backpack (which wasn’t as waterproof as I thought), and it still ended up completely wet, with the paper containers and straws torn into sad, sad shreds.

Okay beyond the fact that we basically disrupted the first act trying to get inside and ran around backstage for like 5 minutes to set up for the promposal, it could have been worse.

Now all the acts were great (a girl did an original song, there was some lovesick poetry, my friend even sang in Korean), but I personally was nervous for the last one: a gathering of the Patel squad.

The “Patel squad” is a group of Indian boys (mostly with the last name Patel) that unfortunately are in my senior class and by extension sort of my friends. I say friends in the loosest terms possible because just calling them classmates is a bit rude in my opinion (there’s only 64 of us okay) but I would never actually go out of my way to hang out with them.

Anyways, they performed “desi girl”, this iconic Bollywood song. They were surprisingly good [read as: hilarious]. Afterwards, when the curtain closed, Ashley came out and said that there was another act, at which point, the Patel squad reappeared and danced to the Bollywood song “Pretty Woman”. That’s where I came in.

In all my (now damp) glory, I proudly held up one of three signs asking one of my closest friends to be one of the Patel squad’s member’s dates to Prom (lol I’m avoiding using names in case they ever found this and would subsequently mind).

She said yes, we all danced, and then they announced the winners.

Nivi also almost lost her keys, but she didn’t, so snaps for nearly avoiding a disastrous situation.

Belatedly, my friend who was asked informed me that someone had told her beforehand and also that she figured out we were all a part of it when we all stood next to each other at our seats and were wearing various shades of pink.

Did I mention that I avoided her all day just because I knew I wouldn’t be able to lie to her? Or that everyone in our grade except her knew we were doing something because we all looked the same during our classes?

Anyways, it was nice (even if I did get drenched), and I would do it all over again as long as I had an umbrella.


(This is a video of it, by the way. Please excuse our brown-ness. Also, I didn’t edit it; my friend did.)


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