The Universe Doesn’t Want Me to Get My Eight Hours: A Late-Night, Completely Unfounded Rant

Today is   Yesterday was Sunday. For any high school kid, that means one and only one thing: time to finally stop wasting time and start working. Or, if you’re a second semester senior (not me, thankfully), another day of ignoring your responsibilities and waiting for the madness that is college.

I actually make it a point to wake up early on Sundays (shocking, I know) just so I can check to see if teachers posted homework. That way, I can plan my day out and figure out what I need to do instead of scrambling at 10 pm at night.

So, I wake up, there’s nothing there. Not a single assignment. Unusual, but not unheard of, considering that my school’s in the middle of this underclassman standardized testing thing.

I spend the day catching up on blog posts, frantically and extensively researching the two schools I’m considering for college, and revising (aka cram learning) for my AP Calc exam. I even watch an entire two hours of the BTS Third Muster (it’s like this fan TV thing, point is IT’S LONG) and finish up on a book I was reading.

So imagine my surprise when I get off FaceTime after tutoring my friend for her Pre-Calc exam and finding a brand new assignment waiting for me. Yah, I know, I’m being petty.

Let me be annoyed okay.

So my school uses Google Classrooms, and honestly it’s nice because the homework is posted and we can finally use Google Slides for our presentation, but it’s sometimes annoying. Like now, when an assignment posted at noon isn’t seen until midnight.

I was finally going to go to bed early (relatively). That NEVER happens.

I’m slightly annoyed at Google Classrooms and also annoyed at my teacher for posting homework 24 hours before his class (He had a whole weekend to post it and we only have his class twice a week anyways).

I know, I know, petty and insignificant.

But really, the one time I want to be productive, there’s nothing REAL to do. And by the time the day is over, I finally get all the work I was waiting to get. I really was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Stressfree Sundays are virtually nonexistent in my high school education.

So now I’m convinced that the universe wants me to limit my sleeping pattern. Or that Google Classrooms hates me. Whatever really fits the bill, you know?


(yes, yes I am aware of the pointlessness of this post and that I’m wasting even more of my sleep by typing this instead of working but whatever)


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