Days I Want to Remember: BTS Concert

Today started out as any other, with me frantically waking up at 7 am to realize that I fell asleep while studying for my nutrition test. Subsequently, I studied for and took said test, watched a video on feral children in Sociology, and then completed an entire essay in like 25 minutes for my English class. This all culminated into yet another fetal pig dissection (I have these at least once or twice a week), in which I dissected a lot of pelvic and abdominal arteries and veins [I also got pooped on by the pig, but whatever].

Now, after this day (which was kind of hectic), I finally reached my favorite part: the BTS concert.

If I was the type of person who bawled when they were happy, the floor would be drenched in my tears.

It was amazing to be around people who all supported and liked the same band that I did (even if some weren’t as hyped as I was). I bought two fans (one of Suga and one of Jungkook) and some M&M’s (healthy dinner, right?).

My seats were actually 1000 times better than I could have hoped for. Even though I go to Prudential Center relatively often (most concerts in my area are there), I always forget how high and steep the seats get as you get to the upper sections. Thankfully, I was in the lowest section, and in the center as well. I could actually see them on stage really well and had a perfect view of the members as well as the side video camera things. I don’t know how I managed to score such great tickets, but I’m so thankful that I was able to see them from such a great view. My only qualm was that the sound wasn’t as great as if we were higher, and even though the members sounded unbelievably clear and stable, there voices were a lot higher than I thought they would be due to acoustics.

Anyways, the actual concert went by way too fast. I screamed too much, danced too much, and probably broke my friend Aishwarya’s hand from gripping it so hard.

I also switched biases about every 2 minutes because they ALL SOUND SO FANTASTIC. Usually, singers in the US aren’t that great live. Somehow, BTS surpassed all my expectations.

Them trying to speak English was pretty cute too. The crowd was very enthusiastic, but we were TERRIBLE at fan chants. We took all of our bombs ( I say we, but I didn’t have a bomb light thing so I couldn’t) and each section put a different colored bag over them during the encore, creating this absolutely beautiful sea of rainbow lights.

Some highlights: LOST stealing my breath away, Jimin’s high note in Am I Wrong?, the mash-up of NO, Run, No More Dream, and Danger (my favorite song of the night actually), all of the solos (especially Jungkook’s dancing in “Begin”, J-Hope in MAMA, Jin’s stability and depth in “Awake”, Kim Taehyung making us feel things, Jimin’s performance in “Lie” and basically all of Reflection and First Love), 21st Century Girls, Outro:Wings (so hyped, so in love), and Blood Sweat and Tears (my favorite comeback as of now)

I’m just so thankful that I had the opportunity to go, and even though I’m going to be deal going to school tomorrow from exhaustion, it was all worth it. I’m really glad my parents let me go, that I was in a position to afford the tickets, and that I got as lucky as I did with the seats.

I’m just really happy and excited. My favorite KPOP band was there, right there, and I got to listen to them do what they love. I got to see them wrap an American flag around them in a hug and smile bigger than I could ever hope and allow me to experience in real lifewhat I only saw through videos.

Here are some pictures taken from my friend’s phone and my terrible iPhone 5s from the night (I really didn’t take many because I wanted to enjoy the concert and I knew that there were photographers and videographers that would eventually post pictures that were 100x better quality that anything I could do):AFB3E619-4700-4DFA-B4F7-F1AC5696703E.JPG



Anyways, I’m happy. My voice is gone and my feet are killing me, but I’m absolutely ecstatic.



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