I Don’t Know What I Want (I Bought A Prom Dress)

I don’t have commitment issues or anything. Actually, I’m a very committed person (at least to the important things: friendships, schoolwork, careers, etc.)

But in some areas of my life, I am so indecisive I want to pull my hair out.

Clothing is one such area (college is another, but that’s more because the barriers among what I want, what society wants, what my career demands, and what my parents want has blurred so much that I haven’t given a chance for my mind to catch up yet).

Back to clothing: I wear four colors. That’s it. Four. Black, White, Grey, and Maroon. Let’s throw some navy blue in there to switch things up and a slew of brown and black accessories. In fact, my friend once described my style of dress as “emo snowflake” because I wear so much black and listen to so much angsty music sometimes that I could be emo, but I act so oppositely to that persona that the minute I start talking, the word “emo” turns from “emotional” to “emoticon”.

With this in mind, I really don’t think much about what I wear, most of the time. I dress in a pretty casual sort of way: nice enough that I could walk into most places looking presentable but comfy enough that I could curl up and fall asleep at a moment’s notice. And because everything I wear is revolved around a basic color scheme, I don’t really need to worry about things matching.

So when I have special events to go to (AKA prom), I consult the advice of basically everyone I know because while I know what the “trends” of fashion are, I have no idea if I look good in them.

Today, I went prom dress shopping (obviously). Prom dresses are expensive (more expensive than my BTS tickets, which basically placed me in teenage, temporary bankruptcy) and nonreturnable. These, in my opinion, are two words that should never go together. It adds so much pressure to the situation. Not to mention, I only had one shot at getting a dress anyways since I wasn’t about to go to a different mall (I went to the cheapest, biggest prom dress store in a fifty-mile radius okay) and didn’t have time to keep shopping around.

Anyways, I walk into the shop and it’s organized into looks-amazing-but-is-the-price-of-your-iPhone-unlocked and looks-slightly-less-amazing-and-maybe-if-you-pinch-yourself-hard-enough-you’ll-be-brave-enough-to-buy-it. I went for the latter section (do you even know me? wait, you probably don’t.)

The only “ground” rules I had were that I couldn’t buy something outrageously expensive and I had to keep it PG-13 (first generation immigrant parents and all). After walking aimlessly through the store before my friends came, I only realized that I didn’t like tulle and that prom dresses copied off the latest trends in Indian wedding garb.

I ended up trying on four dresses, and of course, I bought the first one I tried on. I don’t even think I picked it out on my own, allowing my friends to throw things into my arms that I liked or would compliment my skin tone. If you don’t understand my inexperience in the dress shopping department, I would like to enlighten you to the fact that I got my head stuck in TWO dresses before it was pointed out to me that the neckline had a hook to detach first.

Of the four dresses, the first was this blush jeweled thing that everyone was like “OMG YOU NEED TO GET IT” blah blah blah. The second was this gold dress that looked pretty on the hanger but made me feel really washed out and pale. The third was my second choice, a turquoise two=piece number that made me feel really trendy and cool and fresh, and the fourth was this outrageously priced $500 two-piece that I mostly tried on because it was cute. Then, I tried on the first and third dress again because I needed to gauge what the best option really was. And after numerous consultations from friends and my mom and my friend’s mom, I was literally given an equal number of votes for each dress.

In the end, I picked the blush dress because it seemed more prom-ish, and my friend threatened to kick me if I let it out of my hands. So, I (my mom and dad) forked over the $250 (DID YOU READ THAT PRICE BECAUSE THAT’S LIKE 31 DOMINOS PIZZAS) and I posted to the class prom Instagram. I know, I know, I was probably slightly peer-pressured, but I wanted to be. In this department, I trusted the opinions of others more than myself.

And when I went home and obsessively looked at the pictures of the two dresses in the quiet of my own room and tried my blush dress on in the mirror, I knew I made the right choice. The turquoise was definitely more bright and “party-ish”, but the blush (I REFUSE to call it pink okay) looked elegant. I felt like a princess, and I figure I might as well fit that persona on prom. I can be a turquoise sass-master on graduation day, after all.

Now, I’m not saying peer-pressure is something you should always give into. I will say, however, that I’m not far-sighted (lol I’m actually terribly near-sighted for vision) enough to understand some things, and I’m glad I have people around me that I can trust to give me their opinions. With the other dress, I would have looked cute and fun and well, a snowflake, but with this dress, maybe I can try being a queen (HOW CHEESY WAS THAT AYE?)



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