Why Am I Like This?

I really don’t understand the concept of money. I admit it.

In fact, as a child, the idea that one $10 toy was double the price of a $5 toy distantly registered in my mind, but never made any difference to me. For me, I thought it was all about quantity, not quality.

I actually vividly remember my parents being appalled because I convinced my uncles to buy me all these Disney Channel CD’s from Toy’s R Us when I was like nine because each one was $15 dollars and I only ended up listening to them about 2 times before I got bored.

So now, as I dig through my closet and start “spring cleaning” aka “trying to find my old softball glove and finding 101 lost things in the process”, I’m really annoyed at myself for the things that I thought were good investments.

For example, I found about 10 sweaters that are too small for me that I don’t even remember wearing, 6 of those POP! action figures that are ridiculously expensive and for fandoms I’m not even sure I’m a part of anymore, a bunch of calendars from years that have long since past, and even a pair of roller skates that I don;t think I’ve used in four years.

Basically, I have a lot of stuff I don’t need, and I’ve only recently started to realize that everything is REALLY REALLY expensive. So my purpose in this post is simply to remind myself to stop buying all these useless things I’ll never use (especially because now, I’m going to be wasting my own money on it).

And because I happen to be going Prom dress shopping (an expensive ordeal) and going to a concert (I’m a sucker for merch), this is particularly relevant.

Honestly, what was I thinking?



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