UPDATE: Today Has Been Such A Good Day

Now, I’m not usually very optimistic when it comes to life, as it has a tendency to rollercoaster up and down so fast that I can barely hang on.

But today, today was a great day.

Apart from not having any homework yesterday (a true rarity), I spent most of the school day traversing from class to class doing essentially nothing more than listening to teachers ramble about the stuff they heard on the news, watching video projects, and laughing at episodes of the Office. Then, I come home to the news that I got waitlisted from one of the colleges I didn’t even really want to go to anymore (so not really upsetting), sent a POETRY book from a medical school (I think this is a sign that their program was interested in me), accepted to one of my safety schools (yay scholarships), and then…WAIT FOR IT: ACCEPTED TO THE PROGRAM I WANTED TO GET INTO.

So, if that wasn’t enough to get me on cloud 9, my friend and I finally scored some BTS tickets from the concert next week.

And for the past few weeks, we’ve been telling ourselves “paying $130 bucks for mezzanine tickets is a good deal we can deal” and then chickening out when we get to the checkout and end up having surcharges that were 1/4 of the cost of the ticket. When we found tickets online (next to each other: a feat very rare for sold-out concerts), in a section that was basically one of the best in the entire arena for around the same price as the ones we were looking at before, we pounced. So now, after learning the wonders of security online and transferring tickets, I am the proud owner of a ticket that puts me in the perfect view of one of my favorite bands (and I only went about $5 over budget). Not to mention, these seats are in a lower section so I don’t have to worry about falling out and dying every time I start getting a little too excited while dancing. Maybe good things do come to those who wait (was that too cheesy? I feel like that was a little too cheesy).

So all in all, I’m happier than I’ve been in a while (for me, that’s a lot of eating celebratory chocolate and scream texting my friends).

And to make it even better, I’m looking at a weekend ahead of me filled with relaxation (and AP studying but let’s ignore that for a minute) and sleeping.

Oh no, I’m going to have to start learning fanchants now, aren’t I?




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