Buying Sold-Out Concert Tickets is the Most Exhausting Thing Ever.

If there are two things I excel at, they’re planning and researching. I’ve always been good at finding information on the interwebs or looking up travel times and creating travel itineraries when I wanted to visit somewhere new.

So buying concert tickets was supposed to be a simple, 45-minute maximum ordeal.

It wasn’t supposed to span a week. It wasn’t supposed to consume all of the time I should be spending studying for AP exams. It wasn’t supposed to be this difficult.

But every time I finally find a deal worth while, it slips out of my fingers. The buyer already sold it, the reseller increased the prices, the website added a $37 dollar surcharge seconds before I was finalizing the bill.

I kind of expected that I would be needing to go on a hunt (obviously, it’s a sold out concert and it’s in about a week, what was I thinking?), but I thought my biggest obstacle would be to convince my parents that investing in tickets for a band whose language I didn’t even understand . I didn’t really consider that I wouldn’t be able to find tickets when it came down to it.

And every few hours, I get the urge to just give up: splurge and pay double what your budget is so you can get nice seats or go for the cheap nosebleed seats that are only $75 bucks, just so that I can stop worrying so much.

But now, it’s kind of like a game: checking to see where prices are cheapest, scouring interest groups and tumblr tags and online forums to find people looking to sell.

In hindsight, I should have purchased the tickets when they were first sold.  I considered it, as well, but at the time I had no friends that would have wanted to come and no guarantee that I would even be as invested in the band as I was then. Both problems, obviously, resolved themselves, and so here I am, waiting on a slew of strangers to precariously (and safely of course) exchanges el dinero for los boletos.

I hope I get this concert-ticket hunting thing down by the time I actually start going to concerts regularly. So far, all of my concerts have been relatively cheap and relatively easy to find tickets for. This was a slightly annoying, but educational, first.


(If anyone actually cared, I’m trying to get BTS tickets for when they come to Newark and life is not agreeing with me).


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