I love tropes.

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of short stories. And by short stories, I mean novellas and little realistic fiction love stories that involve a lot of witty humor and stupid characters maneuvering through relationships that end up with everyone somehow living happily ever after. It’s kind of pointless, as I’m reading the same types of stories over and over, but it’s really comforting.

And as a result, I’ve realized that I have preferences over certain tropes.

A trope is basically a type of plot line or plot twist in a novel, so examples would be people hating each other at first then loving each other, love at first sight, best friends to lovers, that kind of thing.

According to the internet, it’s a “storytelling device or convention”.

I like most tropes except a few (the whole mafia thing isn’t my style, neither is the whole incest). I also particularly like stories that take place in certain settings and occupations, especially like when characters are in the music/film industry, in college or high school, or are constants in the ever-changing game of life.

So here are my three favorite tropes of all time: tropes that no matter how often I read, I never get sick of.

  1. The Fake/Pretend Relationship
    • I love this trope, because it basically facilitates the whole slow burn  relationship thing, and also allows for lots of sorting out of feelings and miscommunication, which basically makes every story more interesting
    • Also, there’s just so much denial going all around, and it’s just really satisfying to reach the end, when they finally sort out all of their feelings.
  2. The Bet
    • This is such an overused trope, but it always leads to a whole full-blown argument towards the end of the novel.
    • It basically throws the entire relationship into question, and for some reason, I really like it.
    • Obviously, if this ever happened to me, I would hate it. But in a novel? It’s super interesting.
  3. Friends to Lovers
    • The most realistic of the bunch, this trope is a personal favorite because I’ve seen it so often in real life. It’s nice and comforting to know that someone who knows you so well ends up being the person you fall in love with.
    • In real life, I think, most people strive to kind of “have” this trope, because it leads to the most stable relationships in the longterm. (I mean, lust fades, but companionship is forever.)


Alright, that’s all. I know it’s not the most interesting post, but I like lists, and this is my blog, so deal with it?





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