It was supposed to be this morning, but of course, we had a snow storm, so no school. Which meant I graduate a day (actually two because tomorrow also got canceled), no DMV, no passing/failing my driving exam.

In fact, the DMV is completely closed, so I probably won’t take my test until they can reschedule me. And who really knows how long that will take.

Instead of taking my test, I spent the day holed up in my house, on my laptop wasting time and eating an entire sleeve of thin mints.

I’m kind of indifferent but also kind of annoyed because it’s March, we just “sprung” forward because it’s supposed to be Spring, but now, there’s a snow storm.

Most seniors would be excited, but I’m kind of just really bored. Honestly, it’s because I’m not motivated enough to start studying for any looming exams but not unproductive enough to sit here and be content with doing nothing.

But hey, maybe by the time I take my exam, I’ll actually be able to drive competently enough to pass…