The KPOP Tag.

Yes, yes I will make another post about KPOP. And yes, it will be another tag.

(I got these questions off a random YouTube video so let’s just see how this goes.)

1. Favorite solo artist Ailee or Taeyang
2. TOP 5 Bias Groups BTS, Mamamoo, GFriend, BlackPink, Seventeen, Got7, PENTAGON, EXO (wait that’s more than 5 oops)
3. Do you ship anyone? I ship Taekook (Jungkook and Taehyung from BTS) but as a BRO-TP
4. What fangroup(s) do you identify with? (i.e. VIP,Blackjack, etc…) ARMY, Blink, IGOT7
5. How did you get into kpopWell in 9th grade, my friend tried to get me into it and failed. I think it was mostly because she only showed me random songs from a bunch of artists. Then I saw FBE do a video where Teens Reacted to KPOP (I had watched a few in the past) and got hooked to Blood Sweat and Tears. Then, it was a downward spiral.
6. Do you know how to speak Korean? I can say hi and count to three. That’s about it.
7. Have you gone to any kpop concerts? I really want to go to The Wings Tour and KCON, so I hopefully will
8. Do you have any kpop merch? I have a few BTS posters and stickers from this set I bought
9. Do you watch variety shows? Only when a group I like is on it (so Weekly Idol, After School Club, etc.)
10. TOP 3 Biases? Like people or groups? If people: Jungkook from BTS, Suga from BTS, and probably a tie between SinB from GFriend and Yugyeom and BamBam from Got7
11. What was the first KPOP song you immediately liked upon hearing? Blood Sweat and Tears
12. A kpop group you really don’t like or don’t want to give a try? I generally don’t like the whole “girls do a really cute concept” thing, so probably groups of that category
13. Do ya got a feelin that ur Loof is on fiyahNo comprendo.
14. who is your LEAST favourite idol/ female or male? I don’t have one
15. do you listen to solo artists as much as groups? I barely listen to solo artists. The closest I get is when people from groups do solo work.
16. what has been your favourite comeback of the year? BTS’s Spring Day/Not Today and GFriend’s Fingertip (BUT I’M SO EXCITED FOR GOT7’S NEVER EVER)
17. what is your least favourite concept/era from your favourite group? Well, I guess they mean BTS and I would probably say RUN, just because I think the songs before and after it were a lot better. But I definitely have to mention JK’s wet hair in “I need you era” because I hated that.
18. has your bias acted in any films or dramas at all? Nope
19. Are you one of those ppl that stans over trainees or groups before they debut? I stan a lot of rookie groups, but not anyone who hasn’t debuted.
20.Who was your first bias ever in the KPOP industry? Jimin, still BTS (omg my ARMY is showing)
21. If you had a Korean name, what would it be? Can’t I just keep my name? I like it
22.Who would you want as an older brother? JHOPE (lol I just answered this in a different tag)
23. Who would you want as an older sister? Solar from Mamamoo or Sowon from GFriend because they’re both very caring leaders
24.Funniest couple? What even is this question asking what couples are there in KPOP
25.If your bias kissed you, how would you react? I’d probably be weirded out because I would rather be friends with him than date him (but if Taehyung or Suga came by, HELLO)
26.If your bias asked you to marry him/her, how would you react? Sure why not
27.Worst-looking idol? That’s kind of an offensive question, don’t you think?
28. TOP or G-Dragon? (Big Bang) G-Dragon
29. Which company is your favourite?  Big Hit Entertainment (but JYP and YG if you mean Big Three; not really a fan of SM)
30. In terms of looks, which group is the best? EXO or BlackPink
31. In terms of songs, which group is the best? Lyrically and topic-wise? BTS. Musically? Mamamoo
32. Which group would you prefer to be classmates with in real
life GFriend and the maknae line of BTS
33. Who would you want as a best friend?  Jungkook from BTS or SinB from GFriend (why do I always answer these questions before they appear) {actually, can I just be friends with the entire maknae line from BTS}
34. Who would you want as a boyfriend? Taehyung from BTS (or Suga)
35. Who would you want as a friend with benefit? um, no one?
36. Who would you want as a husband?  Wouldn’t your boyfriend naturally evolve into your husband eventually?
37. How many kids will you have with him then? WHAT KINDS OF QUESTIONS ARE THESE
38. Which kpop star do you wish to have a body like? um, SinB?
39. Which kpop star do you wish to have a face like? I like my face lol
40. Lastly,which group would you prefer to work with in real life? BTS? Mamamoo? Got7?

Okay, these questions got really weird towards the end. I really should read these over before I start answering them. I’m not the type of fan that wants to “have” the body of her bias or imagines marrying them. I have thought about how interesting it would be if they were my classmates though, but that’s about it.

I feel like I wasted my time, but also, I at least did something?



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