I’ve been trying to get back into reading.

Everyone always asks you during interviews and events and things like that, “what’s your favorite hobby?”. Now my go-to answer is something along the lines of “Oh, I um like to dance, and I write, and listen to music and read.”

Except, even though I like to read, I don’t read books very often. Almost at any time in my life, I’m reading something. Whether it’s the news or an ebook, I’m reading.

But because I’m mainly reading fictional stories online, I’m not really reading legitimate books. They may be over 50000 words in length or even upwards of 200000 words, but in the end, they’re not books I can hold in my hand. I can’t dog ear the pages and crack the spine and get papercuts from trying to get to the next chapter too quickly.

I think the main issue is that I’ve been so busy that I haven’t taken the time to read because it means that I’m actually taking time away from work to do so. If I read online, I can say I’m still “working” because I’m on my computer and work I’m supposed to be doing is open in the next tab. But really, I’m just giving myself an excuse to read something.

Also, it’s been hard to find books that I would be interested in reading. I have so many books that I know I’ll love, but I haven’t been in the right mood or they just had so much exposition that I couldn’t get to the parts I knew I would be hooked with.

But now, I really want to make reading a priority. Every year, I collect more and more books, but I read less and less. Where are the days where I used to go to the library every week and get 6 books? I miss that.

So I’m setting goals for myself: I have to, otherwise I’ll never bother to read again. One book a month, starting now. Expiration Date: 4/10/17. Let’s do this.



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