Days I Want to Remember: The Wedding

On Saturday, I attended the wedding (and behind the scenes madness) of my uncle’s wedding. He was marrying a Vietnamese woman that he loved very much (two concepts that were very foreign in my family).

The day consisted of a lot of time spent trying to straighten my hair and put on super heavy wedding attire and eating paneer from the day before, in between trying to sort out all the placecards and seating charts and doing people’s makeup and fixing people’s hair. In short, it was hectic.

But the end result was so SO beautiful. Everything was nice and pretty and enjoyable. There were a few bumps in the road (a war song being played in for the Barat, my less than impressive MC skills, my grandfather being stuck in a blanket mountain from being so cold) but overall I had fun.

I saw way too much dad dancing, accidentally tried (and subsequently disliked) champagne, listened (and said) some pretty embarrassing and candid speeches, and ate a lot of cake.

This was also the first event where I got to really bust out my fancy DSLR camera, and although a lot of my shots were pretty terrible (off center, not focused, wrong settings, you name it) it was a learning experience. Thank god they had an actual photographer though to get better, real professional shots for their special day.

Most of all, I really hope they make it. It’s weird, seeing thim Thao (her name is Thao, I say “thim” because its aunt in Vietnamese) making Indian food and helping my grandparents out and trying so hard to be a part of our dysfunctional family. When they’re not around, the snarky comments sometimes tend to start from the more bitter members of my family, questioning their reasoning and their stability, but I truly believe that they love each other, and I really want them to last.

So for my first real wedding that I can remember that also happened in the continental United States: 10/10

I believe my six-year old cousin even called it “the best day ever”.

Well, it’s definitely up there.



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