I have a productivity-blocker.

As a general rule, I’m an extremely stubborn person to the point where I often let my emotions and stubbornness cloud any other rational thought.

And also, my desire to work and do anything is extremely dependent on my mood. If I’m in a bad mood, I won’t get anything done, and that’s just because I’ll be too busy brooding and stewing to even consider doing my work. Not to mention, sometimes the imminent pressure of your responsibilities can just be too much to deal with.

So naturally, it’s really easy to disrupt the flow of my work and the quality of my work, simply by annoying me or by invading my work area or by yelling at me. I’m very much the type of person that needs to work at their own pace, and so I have literally thrown away whole 8 hour chunks of time when I could be working because someone yelled at me or made me feel like crap or made me feel annoyed. Which is a bit of a problem, yes?

In fact, if someone tells me to do something and I’m in the middle of doing it or just about to do it, I sometimes just abandon it for a few minutes to go do something else because I get annoyed  (why am I like this someone diagnose me)

For this reason, I basically have to crank up music really loudly whenever I’m working and have to shut the world out. Otherwise, I’d never get anything done.

Of course, for every bout of unproductivity, I subconsciously panic, wake up the next morning at 4 am and somehow finish everything I had to do the night before. So it’s not all wasteful.

Just not particularly healthy, either.



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