My Tenth Driving Lesson: Oh No.

I went to the driving course that I would actually be taking my test at yesterday. It was CRAWLING with inexperienced drivers, trying to cram in some experience before the test.

My dad was, as usual, paranoid of getting in an accident. Except this time, it was because of the other drivers, not me. Which is a first.

I parallel parked in their designated area, and it was actually pretty large in terms of space. The only issue is that I still have no idea if I’m doing it right half the time, and sometimes I go on the curb AND DON’T EVEN REALIZE. Obviously, this is a problem.

Other than that, everything else seemed to be okay.

Oh, and this was my last driving lesson before the test. Yah.

I’m going out of town next weekend, and my test is on the Friday after that, so my current plan is to PRAY TO ALL THAT IS GOOD AND RIGHT IN THIS YONDER WORLD that I get some magical abilities and pass. Mostly because I would hate to retake it, and also because I only have three months left until my permit expires anways.

So at #10, unless I have a magical day off where I can go driving, I stop my lessons. Maybe, just maybe, luck is on my side?



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