Days I Want to Remember: Rachel’s Birthday Party.

So today (I really mean yesterday), I woke up at 6 am, worked my butt off until 2 pm, went driving, and then went to Rachel’s party. Basically all day, I was working on either homework or labwork, so I really had NO TIME on my hands.

The party was fabulous, though.

We went to get Mongolian Hot Pot, which I had never had before but is now one of the coolest things ever. I thought it would be like a fondue place, except soy sauce would spurt from a fountain instead of chocolate or cheese. It reminded me a little of Korean barbecue in the sense that there were stoves in the middle of the table to heat food up with. I’m not exactly sure of what I was eating all of the time, but I do remember that my favorites were the Fried Tofu, these fish octopus ball things, and THE BEST SESAME BUN KNOWN TO MAN WITH LIKE SOME CONDENSED MILK MAGIC SAUCE ON IT.

After said dinner, we went to get Boba (Boba is usually a good time, particularly if you’re like me and only get it once or twice a year due to tapioca overload).

And then, we hit up H-Mart.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with H-Mart, it’s also called HongKong SuperMarket and it’s basically a huge specialty Asian grocery store. It has a food court, a facial salon, and a bunch of cute stores on the side. Now here I found the bane of my existence: a KPOP shop.

It was filled to the brim with merchandise from basically every band I liked, but the prices were so inflated that my wallet hurt while looking at it. I was blessed with tapestries of my bias’s face and pillows with girl groups on them and backpacks and holographic collectible cards… I could really go on and on.

I ended up getting a BTS poster sticker set thing, just so I could have a BTS poster up in my room. I considered buying an album, but I don’t have $50 dollars to spend on a CD that I don’t even have a CD player for!

It was especially nice to catch up with Derek, Emily, Natasha, and Rachel as I hadn’t seen them in a few weeks.

It wasn’t necessarily a special day, but it was nice, and nice days can be hard to come by sometimes.



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