My Ninth Driving Lesson: Short, Sweet, Sleep-Deprived.

So I had semi-formal yesterday, and if you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a school dance filled with way too much food and way too much dancing over the course of four hours.

And it was fun. But the AFTERMATH is killer. I probably slept like a rock for eight hours, leading me to sleep through various attempts to wake me up for driving lessons. In the end, I woke up a half an hour before my mom had to take the car for work, so I basically did nothing.

I parallel-parked (terribly might I add) about four times, hit a cone, and drove all the way home from middle school. WHICH MEANT I FINALLY DROVE ON THE HIGHWAY.

But I can’t even be that excited about that because I’m so tired. Waking up in the middle of REM sleep really messes up the rest of your day, and driving as soon as I wake up is almost too much stimulus for me to handle right now.

Overall, I’m glad I at least tried to have a lesson, but my body definitely wishes I just spent the half an hour sleeping instead.

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.



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