From Me to Myself: Advice I Should Really Remember

I’m about 110% sure that title wasn’t grammatically correct, but I stopped being a grammar nazi around the time I realized I had been spelling “grammar” with an ‘e’ for approximately 10 years.

By the very definition of human nature, we are prone to error. Ideally, the mistakes we make in our life and the experiences we have cause us to change our habits, look at something in a different way and avoid whatever we did wrong before.

And most of the time, it works.

Sometimes though, you slip up and forget that there’s a pot hole by the interstate ramp that’s just begging to give you a flat tire or that you’re supposed to wear your retainer at night or that studying for a Spanish test the night before NEVER works.

To that effect, I realized that lately, I’ve been forgetting quite a few things I really should be remembering. Naturally, this means that I’m going to list them now so that (hopefully) I actually learn this time:

  1. If your bus comes at 8:00 am, you WILL MISS IT if you start getting ready at 7:53 am. 7:45 though? that’s the golden time, and you might even be able to put on some eyeliner or something.
  2. Sitting at your desk instead of your bed will make you about 100 times more productive (and you know that you always fall asleep if you work at your bed okay).
  3. Don’t put on makeup or moisturizer before putting in your contacts, unless you want to add 20 thousand minutes of pain and concentration to your schedule. Also, take off your contacts when you get home because you know that it gets annoying by then and are just too tired to take em out (rather than realizing at midnight right as you’re falling aslep).
  4. You actually have time to do everything you want to; you just foolishly decide to spend that time watching YouTube videos or reading articles and pretend that it doesn’t count.
  5. You need to buy another pair of earbuds for your backpack because you 8/10 times are running late and forget them, inhibiting your ability to avoid humanity and study productively on the bus.
  7. Stop pretending that you can avoid the fact that AP tests are in two months and start studying.
  8. If you feel stressed, clean your room. You know this helps, but you’re JUST SO LAZY I CAN’T DEAL (and yes, I know I’m referring to myself in second person.) Oh, and also shower if you’re stressed but I feel like you remember that.
  9. Carry chapstick with you in your pocket before your lips fall off from dehydration. And also, please stop biting them whenever you’re nervous because you’re going to expose adipose tissue at this rate.
  10. Sleeping at a reasonable time, or even sleeping at an unreasonable time but on purpose after having been productive is infinitely better for your emotional and mental stability than falling asleep with your face in a textbook and then panic-cramming in the morning.
  11. The world doesn’t revolve around you; start being more considerate and less lazy.

Okay, well, there’s probably about 15 more things I would like to say, but of course, I forgot. Maybe I’ll update this list or make another post if I remember. Regardless, I hope immortalizing this on the internet might actually make me follow-through.

If this doesn’t reaffirm the fact that I’m a mess, nothing will.



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