My Eighth Driving Lesson: Freedom is Exhausting

I never thought that I would say, it, but driving is r really tiring in a I-really-want-to-sit-in-bed-and-not-think kind of way.

It’s not exactly difficult, and you can listen to music or whatever while you drive, but just having to pay attention to all of these details and always stay focused is particularly difficult when its 7:30 in the morning and all you want to do is go back to sleep.

It sounds terrible, but having all of these choices as to where to go and how to go takes up a lot of brain space (at least for a new driver like me).

I drove basically around every colony and my high school (as per usual), but this time I drove continuously from one destination to another as opposed to letting my dad drive from location to location. This was nice because it meant I was finally getting the chance to drive with other cars on fairly busy roads. However, it did mean that I was driving continuously from about 1.5 hours, which is pretty long in my opinion.

I also attempted parallel parking again, and subsequently decided that yesterday I had beginner’s luck because I must have done 20 attempts and successfully pulled off about 3. I’m actually pretty okay if I only focus on my instincts and not really think about what I’m doing. The minute I get an instruction like ‘go back more to the right’ or ‘make the car more parallel’ I’m completely lost. It’s like the minute my mind starts really thinking about it, it has no idea what to do. Which is frustrating, because I know I’m going to be overthinking like crazy on the actual test day.

Besides that, today was pretty good. I will say that waking up so early is terrible for my sleep-cycle because I’m not sleeping any more than usual (I’m still staying up well past 2 am which I know isn’t what you’re supposed to do).

I’m probably not going to drive again until next weekend at which point I’ll have maybe 2 weeks until my test. EEEEKKKK.


(If anyone who’s like about to learn to drive ever reads this, don’t put off driving till the month before your test; you’re going to die from cramming.)


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