My Sixth Driving Lesson: Progress is Progress, no matter how small.

So I drove in a different colony today, and I’m finally starting to get the hang of how big the car is and how close to the curve I can drive and stuff like that.

It’s a slow-going process, and I still have to learn to park properly, but other than that I think I’m doing pretty well. My test is in about three weeks, but it’s closed course so I’m hoping I can do well enough even if I’m not really that experienced in terms of driving on highways and such.

Speaking of, I DROVE ON A REAL ROAD TODAY. And by real road, I mean a 45 mile per hour road that crosses a county highway and a state highway. It’s really just a town road, but it’s the main road of my town. It doesn’t seem like much, but I felt particularly accomplished since I drove almost all of the way home (eventually we had to go on a real highway and there was traffic so we thought it was better not to push our luck).

I’m going to be driving tomorrow as well, and I’m hoping that I can drive on some larger roads instead of quiet developments and back roads.

In the end, I’m doing a little more each time. As much as I wish I was going faster, I feel like I’m probably going to get there eventually no matter what, right?



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