My Seventh Driving Lesson: Not Being Able to See Anything is Normal, right?

Today was the day I finally conquered (or at least started to conquer) the monstrosity that is parallel parking.

Waking up in the morning early enough to go driving before dance (I have dance classes at like 10:30 on both days every weekend) is already a struggle. It doesn’t help that by the time I start driving, there are so many cars on the road that I don’t have many options for safe locations to practice the really hard parts of driving.

So I started off today by driving in the colony in the back of my development, drove on the main road of my town for a while, ended up in this other colony that was a lot nicer but filled to the brim with squirrels and birds, and then went to my old middle school. All in total, this driving lesson lasted probably 2 hours (which is a REALLY long time).

We “borrowed” some cones and created a pseudo-parallel parking scenario. I spent maybe 80% of this time watching my dad trying to remember HOW parallel parking works, and like 20% actually trying it myself.

Eventually, I figured out the basics of moving the car in the right direction and actually managed to get it nearly perfectly on my second try.

There’s just one small caviat: I can’t see anything.

When I try to look in my left side mirror, it doesn’t help. When I look in my right, I can sort of see the cones but I can’t tell how far I’m going.

And the rearview mirror is basically mocking me because it’s serving NO function, whatsoever.

Now, I did try to do that thing I see in movies where people turn around and park, but I’m a really short person (only 61.25 inches) so I can’t really turn around properly without jumping up in my seat. I don’t think that will go down so well during the test.

I understand the size of the car a lot better now, but I’m not sure how that’s going to help if my plan during a parking situation is to rely on sheer willpower and instinct (both of which I don’t really have).

Maybe I should look into a cushion for short people (I’ve already adjusted my seat so far forward; it’s a bit pathetic) or just memorize the amount of time it takes for me to hit the curb so that I can eyeball it during the test.

All in all, I’m getting somewhere, even if that means having no confidence in where I’m going whatsoever.

And for the record, driving is NOTHING like MarioKart. I should really have known better.



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