People Don’t Understand Growing Up

And I don’t either, not before, not now, not later.

But there are a few things that I do understand about this mystical process that is growing up and growing old. Of course, I have the mindset of a high school senior, so when I say old I mean like 27-30. Please don’t take offense, but that’s about as far into my future I can reasonably pass judgments about at this point.

All I really know is that it’s different for everyone. I was reading this post on Tumblr about this person disliking Zoella on YouTube because she spent all of her time in her house and didn’t go out (obviously she works from home and is a wildly successful YouTuber, author, and all around kind person).

To an extent, I understood her argument: Zoella probably was offered to travel the world for events pretty often, but she didn’t really go on these trips as much in recent years.

But I think that I’ve come to realize that as much as traveling the world sounds amazing, some people just love home. They crave a quiet life; they crave a stable family and a warm house and nights spent in their pajamas watching TV.

I’m definitely a mixture of both. As much as I love a quiet night in, I know I would jump at the chance to travel the world. Then again, I don’t get anxiety when I travel like Zoe does, and I was raised on biannual trips to India and summers in California.

The bottom line is that I think as you get older, you realize what you want. Not everyone wants the same things, and no one knows what you want or what your life is like except you. 

So to the user who dislikes Zoe for wanting to spend her days hanging out with her dog and her boyfriend in her candle-lit house filled with joy and happiness and family, take a step back and remember that contentment doesn’t always mean laziness; sometimes, it means finally figuring out what you want and where you want to belong.



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