Spring Day: Why I’m Thankful

I, like most people in this universe, am a hypocrite. I spent most of high school career, as a result, constantly surprising myself. The biggest example of this (at least currently) is BTS. I never thought I would like KPOP, always finding it too weird (sometimes it is) or too manufactured (sometimes it is).

But after becoming ARMY and getting into KPOP and all that, I’m glad that I constantly find life proving me wrong.

Yesterday, I spent all morning freaking out over BTS’s new album and their music video for “Spring Day”. After an entire day of streaming (I used to think people who did that were insane) and really watching what it was like to be immersed in a comeback, I realized how thankful I am to have found this community. They are insane and at time immature, but it’s very rare to be part of a community (and I’m part of a lot of them) that seems so singularly fixed on supporting an artist or group.

BTS is amazing as well, with their self-produced and self-written songs (something I really respect) and their concepts and all of that.

I just appreciate being a part of something so big and so special. Even if I hate KPOP in five years or find a group that I like more than BTS, they’ll always have such a special place in my heart for the impact that this community has had on me.

They even have me reading obscure books and overanalyzing their videos as if they are practice tests for my AP Lit exam.

All of the songs released from this album were pretty great, even if “Spring Day” took a while to grow on me (and by a while I mean 3 hours of streaming).

I just want to remember the feeling that I have right now: the immense gratitude I feel for being a part of a movement so wholly unique and special.



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