My Fourth Driving Lesson: So This Is What Most People Think School Feels Like

I’m really, really, really bored.

Boredom is not an emotion that I feel very often. This is for two main reasons:

  1. I don’t have much free time as it is, and when I do have free time, I have a dozen things that I want to spend it doing (such as writing this blog).
  2. The places that most people usually feel bored (waiting in line, the bus, doctor’s offices, free periods at school), I spend working on something on my computer, studying for tests, listening to music, or actually being interested in whatever stimulus is around me.

I’m in a unique position where my school is anything but boring. Even if there is the occasional subject that I may not enjoy as much, it is often clustered with classes where I’m thinking critically, performing dissections, having debates, or just generally using my mind.

However, I’ve talked to a lot of people who aren’t in my situation. They’re from places that aren’t New Jersey, places where the immigrant mindset hasn’t ingrained the values of education into the minds of children permanently and where getting an A requires little to no effort at all. These bright smart kids sit in class, already knowing all the answers, and essentially being bored because they weren’t being challenged. They did all of their learning outside the classroom because their classroom couldn’t offer them the resources that mine could and did.

I never really understood what they were talking about, until this (or should I say yesterday) morning. I drove around the high school (which I was used to by now), spent about fifteen minutes driving around the track in my middle school (which was actually not hard at all), and then was not allowed to go on any actual roads. My parents are looking out for me and all that, but I really want to drive on a road. We’ve exhausted all of the parking lots in my town, and there are only so many places to drive before I become complacent in my abilities.

In the long run, taking this slow is probably a smart idea. But I want to do more, and I know that I can. So now I can understand the boredom kids feel in the classroom, but I really wish learning outside the classroom didn’t require an adult older than the age of twenty-one with me.


(Stay tuned for tomorrow, when I think I actually am going to try to drive on the roads behind my house. Hope I don’t die).


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