Days I want to Remember: Equilibrium

No matter what subject I’m learning, whether it be English Literature or Anatomy and Physiology, everything comes back to the idea of equilibrium, that the universe takes care of itself and that everyone is constantly striving to attain balance.

The body is always maintaining homeostasis, karma is always working against those who perform bad deeds, and everyone, everything, every atom is striving to obtain the perfect combination of good and bad.

Yesterday, equilibrium was very much in full force.

I had a delayed opening due to snow, so I came into school late. Having a delayed opening meant I could sleep in (albeit this just meant I slept a reasonable amount of time). I also had enough time to review for my endocrine exam and actually do my makeup properly (which never happens).

My stats homework didn’t work out as planned, but my endocrine exam ended up being easy. My Spanish teacher was absent, but he left us with a pile of (manageable) work.

I ate amazing sushi, but then I almost choked because of the thickness of the seaweed.

Primark opened in my local mall, but my favorite store (Wet Seal) closed.

BTS released a new teaser, but I got nothing out of it except for confusion and more confusion.

I watched Emily perform in her first community theater pit (she was amazing), but I ended up laughing my way through what began as an extremely interesting and thought-provoking play (and quickly turned into a dramedy because I found the lack of plot and exaggerated dance moves to be quite hilarious).

I finally found the perfect eyeliner, but it’s so waterproof that my eyes look like those of a raccoon the next day because it won’t come off.

Basically, my life is really balancing out right now? And I don’t know how to feel about it? I mean it’s very equal, and that’s supposed to be good, but I feel as though I’m in the eye of a storm I didn’t know existed.




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