What I Do When There’s Nothing to Do (aka a Snow Day)

For the first time in all of my years of schooling, I thought I would go through winter without a single snow day. Today, I was proved wrong (although to be fair, usually this happens in early January, so global warming is doing SOMETHING).

When I found out, I obviously dropped any schoolwork I was attempting and let myself sleep a whole eight hours (which doesn’t seem like a lot but that is actually the maximum amount of time my body will stay asleep after so many 5-hour nights).

So, it turns out, given a day at home with no ability to leave my house kind of tells a lot about what I do when I have free time. At any rate, it tells me that I waste my days away WAY too easily.

Here’s basically what happened (minus all the boring routine stuff):

  1. Watched BTS’s new Spring Day trailer (it was perfect)


  1. Watched BTS’s new Spring Day trailer again and again and again
  2. Created theories about said trailer and read the entire book associated with the trailer (I’m insane, you don’t need to tell me)
  3. Read a lot of short little stories for pleasure (I stockpile stories that I find online and that think are interesting and read them all at once when I have a spare hour)
  4. Devoured an entire box of Thin Mints (not even sorry).
  5. Danced (as a dancer does)
  6. Read up on the latest Trump news (Knowledge is power)
  7. Got my friend into BTS (can you sense a theme?)
  8. Shoveled my driveway free of snow, almost dying from face-freeze in the process
  9. Watched BTS’s 4 million special VLive thing
  10. Did all my homework and studied (or should I say “will study) for my endocrine system test
  11. Facetimed my friend Ashley and had a nice catch-up
  12. Thought. A lot.

Obviously, this is basically just revealing just how much time I spend watching KPOP, but more importantly, I think that it’s really telling of how much time I can and will dedicate when I care about something. Even if it’s not the most productive thing in the world, I can’t sit there and do nothing or sleep the day away. Even if my version of nothing is over-analyzing a minute of footage for motif’s from a short story, it’s still something. And if it brings me happiness, does it matter?

(Sorry if this is all over the place, I’m kind of all over the place at the moment)



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