My Bucket List (A Work in Progress)

Because I need to write it down somewhere, and maybe publishing it will hold me more accountable.

  1. Finish a game of monopoly
  2. Watch all of Game of Thrones
  3. Spend a weekend at Harry Potter World
  4. Read Les Miserables
  5. Vacation in Greece
  6. Have a Star Wars Movie Marathon
  7. Take a linguistics class
  8. Go to a concert in South Korea
  9. Dye my hair purple
  10. Watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Dubai
  11. Reread all of the Harry Potter books (as a marathon)
  12. Get a nose piercing
  13. Visit Italy and/or Spain
  14. See Halsey & Troye in concert
  15. Go to KCON // See BTS in concert
  16. Do a perfect split
  17. Go paintballing
  18. Learn 4 languages fluently.
  19. Road trip to Houston
  20. Attend a peaceful civil protest
  21. Go to a TEDx or TED Talk conference
  22. See Syndey
  23. Live spontaneously.



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