The Plagues of Being a Strategist

I am probably one of the most forward-thinking people I’ve ever met. And I don’t mean forward-thinking in terms of progressiveness (although that has some truth to it as well). I mean that I think as ahead as possible, anticipate the worst, and basically try to look at everything in terms of the bigger picture as much as possible.

When I was little (and I mean maybe 6 or 7), I was absolutely amazing at games like Mancala and Trouble and even rock-paper-scissors because I would anticipate what the other people were going to do, figure out what they expected me to do, and then preceded to do the exact opposite. Let’s just say that it worked remarkably well (I don’t think I’ve lost a game of mancala in my life if I’m honest).

So one of my biggest flaws is that I don’t always remember that not everyone sees the world the way I do: as a bunch of possibilities stemming from one decision that stems from another bunch of possibilities, all tied together by the complexities of human nature. Naturally, one of my biggest pet peeves then becomes when people fail to “see the big picture”.

I really only thought about this today, when my class advocated moving our Nutrition test to Friday instead of today because some people hadn’t studied as much as they would have liked to. Long story short, taking the test today would have helped to boost a lot of low grades if they did well while taking the test on Friday would basically make it apply to next semester.

Now I kind of suspected that Friday would be one of those days where we would be swamped with work (I later found out I was right and we have a huge A+P endocrine monstrosity), and I honestly thought that it would be worth the risk of doing poorly if you could change say a C+ to a B with one exam [with relatively easy topics in my opinion]. (Obviously, most seniors in high school aren’t exactly concerned about grades as much as they should be in the spring months). Of course, majority wins in these situations and everyone elected to have the test on Friday, which is fine.

But it got me to thinking: do my strategies impair me from seeing the world in detail?

I’m not a perfect person; no one is. And I think that I’ve always been proud of the fact that I could kind of figure things out that don’t always seem simple at first. But is there a point where I need to stop doing what is strategic and just do what feels right?

Just some thoughts from a girl who thinks too much and observes too often.

(Also, I was thinking about how hello and goodbye mean the same thing in Hawaiian, Korean, Hindi, Tamil, etc. even when all of these civilizations are so different and formed language at such different times and ways. Is it human nature to mark our partings as the same as our greetings in hopes that we see each other again? Oh, look, here I go again.In my defense, it was a really slow class in Sociology today, and my mind just wandered to linguistics.)



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