My Third Driving Lesson: See the car, feel the car, BE THE CAR.

As promised, I embarked to my local district high school at the ungodly hour of 7 am (I really am spoiled because my high school doesn’t open till 9).

My high school (or should I say the high school I should have attend) is huge. There are two buildings, and connecting them and all of the fields is a giant loop. I would even say that I’ve had dreams of conquering this loop, because the deal was that if I could drive it perfectly, I could actually attempt to drive on a real road.

Now this lesson was much better than the previous ones, and I even re-attempted the course I tried on my first driving lesson. Now, I’m a lot more confident with my turns, and I know how to change lanes, make tighter turns, accelerate at the right time, etc. etc.

However, the one thing I can’t do is park. I mean I can park, but it’s always at a very terrible angle, and my K-turns to get out of parking would guarantee me an accident if any actual cars were around. I’m still scared to imagine how parallel parking is going to be like.

Speaking of cars, there were a bunch around me today. Well by a bunch I mean 10 that were filled with athletes going to practice and student drivers. I almost had an accident when this car was going in the wrong lane (it was a one way street and the car was going the wrong way) while a group of guys were carrying a lacrosse goal to their practice. In my attempts to change lanes, I ended up hitting the windshield wipers. I hate windshield wipers, I have decided, because I cannot for the life of me figure out how to turn them off.

Currently, I also tend to forget to put the car in park when I stop it, which is an issue. But other than that, I think I’m doing pretty well.

I could go around the school no problem, and in general my driving was just a lot smoother. I’m not sure that I’m doing everything technically correct (I mean do we really need two hands on the steering wheel when turning?) but I think that’s easily fixable.

My next rendezvous with death   driving is going to be next weekend most likely, and perhaps I might even try to drive for real this time.

Wish me luck.




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