Days I Want to Remember: Nivi and Simran’s 18th Birthday

Today (or should I say yesterday) was a good day.

I woke up at the crack of dawn to drive again, came home and gathered all my things, went to dance class, and then spent six hours walking around a mall.

I don’t usually do that (the mall part).

For one, the mall is nowhere near my house. For another, shopping online or going to a store that’s closer is usually a lot easier.

So with my trusty group of friends (mind you there were about 15 of us), we scavenged through prom dress stores, tested out elf cosmetics, raided Sephora, and gorged ourselves in food from Cheesecake Factory.

Not only did I really like today because of the people I met, I also want to mark this day in history as the first time I went inside Sephora and bought something.

Shocking, I know.

Usually, Sephora SCARES me. It’s an irrational fear, but everyone there seems to have their makeup so well done, and I immediately feel like I don’t deserve to be pursuing through make-up that is well above my price range.

So gathering my wits, I walked into Sephora, allowed Wamia to abuse her VIB points, and finally bought my first Sephora product: an Urban Decay Perversion eyeliner.

See I always imagined that I would buy something like the famous benefit mascaras or the Naked Palette,  but realistically, I have more mascaras than I need and the one thing I always am looking for is a nice eyeliner. Plus, I wanted to get one of those YouTube-famous products (but all of them seemed too expensive, too disappointing, or a combination of both).

In general, the quality of makeup at Sephora is actually so much better than anything I use. I understand why people invest in it now (even if I don’t see myself making such an investment until I actually have some sort of income).

Anyways, the point is I went to Sephora and I ate so much food that all I could think about was how my cause of death is definitely going to be heart disease or diabetes or something equally diet-related.

I really valued the chance to kind of do the normal teenager stereotype of going to the mall, if only because I don’t tend to go that often or with so many people. It was nice.

(Also, if you’re wondering what I do instead of going to the mall, it’s usually a combination of homework, the internet, amnesty international stuff, and dance).



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