The Alphabet Tag

I saw this on Tumblr, and thought, “Why not?”


a – age: 17

b – biggest fear: falling (and failing)

c – current time: 6:52 pm
d – drink you last had: Milk? maybe?
e – every day starts with: me panic-checking the time because I fell asleep by accident
f – favorite song: all time? Bohemian Rhapsody or anything  P!ATD; right now? Highlight by Seventeen or Cypher Part 3 by BTS

g – ghosts, are they real: unknown; the darkness from twitches though? definitely real.

h – hometown: is this where I live for my childhood or my birthplace?

i – in love with: the idea of jeon jungkook and the reality that is neuroscience

j – jealous of: people in happy, long-term relationships, two loving but easygoing parents and close-knit familial relationships

k – killed someone: I’m a healer.

l – last time you cried: I might have cry-laughed the other day over something really stupid; I also don’t have good perception of time so I really don’t know
m – middle name: none.

n – number of siblings: none.

o – one wish: i want to spend a month exploring a foreign country.
p – person you last called/texted: I was on facetime with Ashley a few minutes ago.
q – questions you’re always asked: why? (also from Aishwarya: how can you get everyone you know into KPOP so fast?)

r – reasons to smile: my aunt, my bed, good fries, good guac, nice friends

s – song last sang: mentally? Blood Sweat and Tears by BTS; actually? “We Go Together” from Grease
t – time you woke up: 2:53, 4:14, 4:49 am

u – underwear color: pink and purple because why not
v – vacation destination: California or India because family (BUT I WANT TO GO TO FLORIDA FOR THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HP SO BADLY)

w – worst habit: I’m so easily distracted

x – x-rays you’ve had: a lot of mouth related ones
y – your favorite food: paneer makhani, sushi, pizza, veggie burgers, baked ziti, mozzarella sticks, anything with guac in it

z – zodiac sign: taurus


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