Memories: A Collection of Events from My Childhood

I have a terrible long term memory. I’m good at long term memory of knowledge, but not necessarily long-term memory of events. I figure that as I make more and more memories, I’m going to forget the ones from when I was younger.

So, here’s a mini-collection of events that I remember from my past

  1. Emily ignoring me in kindergarten only to be friends//I weaseled my way into her life by 3rd-5th grade.
  2. Me crying hysterically when my “diaper wala cha cha” left for California
  3. Sitting in my aunt’s lap
  4. Doing my terrible Arya dance with Priyal [IMPROMPTU] on stage at Jeetu bhaiya’s wedding.
  5. Crying and hiding my ears when I got back from India in kindergarten in pre-school
  6. The diaper-underwear fiasco of kindergarten
  7. Michael Jackson, Thriller, and my 5th Grade talent show
  8. Mrs. Shepherd.
  9. Me being upset that “This Land is Your Land” was taken during the talent show in 2nd grade (and subsequently having to do “Oh Suzanna”)
  10. All of middle school orchestra (me hiding in closets, MarioKart in the practice room, ordering pizza, missing Ms. Yenalavage’s class, etc. etc)
  11. That time I was forced to go on Nitro
  12. Me, Hirra, and Emily sneaking into see Catching Fire with tickets for Frozen
  13. The Silvia-Brandon fiasco of 6th to 7th grade
  14. The Yay Avi’s Got a Hot Tub Embarrassing Underwear-fiasco
  15. My essay in 2nd grade on world peace (if I was a queen for a day) getting me an Oh-Wow and a trip to the teachers in the higher grades
  16. Back to School Picnics
  17. Red Rover
  18. Square Pizza Lunches
  19. Thin, really salty pretzel sticks that we would hold between our fingers like cigarettes
  20. Silly bands
  21. Friendship bracelets
  22. Dancing along to High School Musical
  23. Getting to take the big white polar bear home on my birthday in pre-school
  24. Girl Scouts
  25. Pretending I always had a cold so I could go up to the board and read it while getting tissues (because I was too afraid to admit that I needed glasses)

I’ll probably make a part 2 or add to this as I remember more, but I just thought it would be a nice little list to keep track of all the events I may not remember as easily in five or ten years.




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