V Needs to Stay In His Lane

This weekend, I had the unfortunate realization that I have a mountain of work to do AND THAT HYYH: ON STAGE EPILOGUE was online.

So naturally, I abandon my work on Saturday night and set to watch the amazingness that is BTS.

But what I wasn’t ready for was V being too much to deal with the entire time.

Now I’ve come to realize that if I liked BTS since debut, I would be a hardcore V stan. I acknowledge it. In the early photos, JK is literally a child and V looks super cute. And Suga and J-Hope are trying to be super cool and hip-hop ish, which is also cool but not necessarily something I think I would have been drawn to as a freshman? Also Jin was super cute and Rap Mon was just his genius self, but they also wouldn’t have been my bias. Jimin could have been my bias, but I think that I would have been drawn to V because there was a mystery surrounding him with the whole “let’s pretend BTS has 6 members until the debut trailer” thing.

Okay, apart from the fact that his personality is basically identical to mine, he has an amazing range and is just a very attractive and charismatic person.

So naturally, as I fawned over Kookie looking super talented in Save Me (ah that song I love it) and was so proud of Suga during Cypher Part 3, I did not expect to notice V as much as I did. But somehow, he keeps swerving into my lane. I can’t even rank the members anymore to be honest, because I love them all so much. But V is just showcasing his charm and talent a lot more than usual in all these videos.

I don’t know. This post doesn’t have a point. Maybe just to make a PSA that V is dangerous, and I need a name for someone who is the biaswrecker to your bias and biaswrecker.

That is all.



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