Things I Want to Remember: My First Driving Lesson

So I’ve had my permit for almost four months now, and I still didn’t hit the road until today. This was mostly because I was super busy, and my parents were really reluctant to let me drive.

So today, I woke up at 9 am, threw on some clothes, and headed to my local high school’s grade nine center, where I preceded to turn in circles for like two hours. It isn’t much, and I probably learned like 2/10000 skills I need to get my license, but progress is progress.

Turning isn’t actually that hard, but I’m terrible at keeping the car in a straight line, which is definitely an issue. I think it’s because I naturally walk in sort of a slant, and I constantly bump into people. I should have expected this, but hopefully I can fix it in like a month.


Oh, that’s another thing: my test is in a month. March 10th. Let’s see how this goes. I’ve been told that learning to drive isn’t hard, but getting comfortable enough to drive is what is really difficult.


I also think I have a fear of other cars, so let’s just see how this all plays out. Worst comes to worst, I have to take my test again and potentially my written test.

To demonstrate my lack of space perception: in dance I have stood in the same spot (first row, absolute right) for a solid 10 years. And for our dance, I got moved to the first row absolute left. AND ITS SO WEIRD. I can’t deal. I’m constantly leaning to the right, and it’s harder for me to pick up dance moves because the teacher teaches behind me so I have to turn in the opposite direction. The point is, I’m not very adaptable when it comes to seating and stuff like that. So this whole “be able to drive anywhere thing” is kind of going to throw me off.

I don’t think I did that terribly today. I still have to get proper lessons (my dad taught me and even though he was being super paranoid it wasn’t that bad). Here’s hoping šŸ™‚

[To make myself feel better, I’m reminding myself that my friend Nivedita took 5 tries to pass her test.]



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