Things I Want to Remember: Gender Equality Discussion

Today was my Amnesty International’s Gender Equality discussion. As project manager, I basically spent the past few months doing this event and other events (#WeForShe, Gym Class Presentations, Announcements, Boston, etc) to support women’s rights.

Today was, in short, stressful.

Not only am I in the middle of one of the most jam-packed weeks of senior year (hello finals I see you), I am also trying to coordinate a million things at once.

However, it turned out great, and I’m happy (even if my SHS quesadilla turned out to be cold).

We broke up into two groups, and although it started out as chaotic, we talked about a lot of different important topics.

These included:

  • Dependence of genders
  • Historical figures (men vs. women)
  • Beauty pageants
  • Social Media
  • Trans/LGBTQUI+ and Feminism
  • Personal Experiences
  • Gods being primarily male
  • stigma against the word “feminism”
  • rape culture

I am so unbelievably proud of my moderators, my members, and everyone who came out to participate. It was a very hectic but productive experience. I’m glad we started a conversation, one that I hope will continue beyond today.

I remember standing there, listening to the people talking around me, realizing that I helped make this possible. I’m so thankful for the opportunity, and for being in a school where I can do things like the discussion I did today.

So even though I’m exhausted and probably sweated out all the water in my body from nervousness, I am happy. And considering the political context of our nation, I think that might be a rarity in the future.

Also, I felt irrationally happy when my guidance counselor complimented my senior quote (see I like feeling validation but will never admit it because I’m too shy and humble) so I’m going to end this post with it:

“In my defense, I was left unsupervised” -Anonymous

[I really like this quote because I feel like it’s really telling of my personality. I definitely do a lot of crazy things (like doing this undercover gender discussion lol) that most people would probably talk me out of if they knew about them. I’m definitely unique in the way I think (I think so), and I feel like singing terribly in public, being very loud and proud, etc. etc. is not exactly normal. And I kind of…like that about myself.]

[my future plan was: Go back to school and get my wizarding degree. I’m Sirius.]

–> I like puns, I like harry potter, why not? Also, on the .0001% chance I don’t become a doctor, I don’t want to ruin my yearbook with a dream I was never able to fulfill.

[my gc also said that our class had really thoughtful ones so at first I was like oh no I’m going to be that loser that tries to inject humor into a nonhumorous situation, but now I’m just happy]



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