How to Cure a Headache (Fast)

  1. Chug down a lot of water, and if you haven’t eaten enough, eat.
  2. Take out your contacts, hair ties, etc. and make sure you’re in comfy clothes.
  3. If you think you need it, take some Tylenol or other headache medication.
  4. Turn off all the lights.
  5. Lie down in bed and try to sleep or at least clear your mind.
  6. Listening to music often helps, but sometimes it can make it worse so I recommend listening to music you’re really familiar with that is relatively calm (so Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran would be better to listen to then say Tonight Alive or State Champs)
  7. Let yourself relax.
  8. If all this doesn’t work, try taking a shower.

Most of the time, a headache is a message from your body that you aren’t taking care of yourself. Even if I have a huge test the next day or a bunch of assignments due, I always prioritize mental health. Once your headache is gone, you’ll feel a lot better and be a lot more productive (even if you did waste a few hours taking a nap).



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